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Learn about our tree maintenance options

When it comes to handling diseased trees along with abnormal growth issues, Johnny's Tree Service of Jackson, MI will give you the best options and services in the area. Our certified arborist is here to examine and evaluate damage and provide information on what course of action to take when all variables are considered.

All aspects of tree care

No matter what issues your trees are having, we'll help provide options on what to do. Everything is kept within your budget so you'll have peace of mind knowing that what we offer you will be affordable.

Don't take chances with less experienced tree companies when it comes to issues with your trees. Our experience makes us different.

Call us for numerous arboreal issues

  • Diseased trees

  • Appearance trimmings

  • Crossed branches

  • Maintenance for trees, hedges, and bushes

We'll spot the type of disease for you

We know how to spot invasive species and diseases in your yard. Oak wilt, autumn olive, honey suckle, and Siberian Elm can all cause problems. We will try to remove the problem for you and educate you on how to keep them away.

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Phone Icon White All aspects of disease control and more Call us for numerous arboreal issues We'll spot the type of disease for you